Voco Modern Workspace: we like it because we use it.

Voco Modern Workspace: we like it because we use it.

We’ve had a lot to say lately about Voco Modern Workspace. Yes, that’s because we’re enthusiastic about its potential to transform the way our customers work. But...



Onboarding new staff is painful. That’s about to change.

Picture this: you hire a new staff member. That means ordering a laptop and other devices. Manually setting... MORE

How to get the most out of your modern workplace technology, and why we played the guinea pig to find out

Voco uses the latest modern technology and devices, but after conducting a business-wide review of our... MORE

Voco Announces the Appointment of Dudley Harris as Partner

The directors of Voco are pleased to announce the promotion of Dudley Harris to Partner, effective 1 April... MORE

Operating Models: Much More than Organisational Design

Many people equate an operating model with organisational design. In reality, a true operating model is so... MORE

Customer Strategy vs Digital Strategy: Don't Let the Jargon Get in the Way

In recent years, the term ‘customer interaction strategy’ has morphed into ‘digital strategy’. So... MORE

Dear Mr Vendor: Leasing is Not ‘as-a-Service’

We’ve seen a certain amount of “repackaging” of propositions over the last couple of years as the... MORE

Software Defined WAN: Hottest Tech in Town but What About the Business Case?

We've all been hearing a lot about Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation... MORE

How do large companies think about disruption and can they be the disruptors?

Disruption is the business word d’jour. What does it mean and how do you do it when you’re a not a nimble... MORE

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