As-a-Service: Are you Missing the Big Prize?

There’s a lot of noise in the market about the term as-a-Service right now. Often it’s taken to mean a new commercial model; essentially a way to drive cost down. While that’s certainly one benefit, the real prize is flexibility.

If we look at the biggest disruptors in the past few years, such as AirBnB and Uber, we see their massive success is a result of their highly flexible as-a-Service model. Your organisation can offer its customers the same flexibility and responsiveness, but only if you in turn have maximum flexibility from your suppliers.

That’s the real potential of the as-a-Service model: Increased agility, speed of change, and capacity to respond to your customers in a much more flexible way. As-a-Service, done right, will enable your business to:

  • change rapidly in response to needs
  • easily stand up and stand down business functions, and scale with confidence
  • structure the business to be outcomes focussed, not fit the business around the commercial and technology constraints
  • utilise people within and outside the organisation to deliver a seamless customer experience
  • capture information on what is going on so informed decisions can be made quickly
  • manage communication channels so everyone is informed and on the same page
  • provide a flexible working environment so that people don’t need to sit in custom-built silos to do their work

If you’re considering making the transition to as-a-Service, make sure you focus on the long term benefits of increased agility, otherwise there’s a danger your organisation will leave the big prize on the table.


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