New tools for going digital

New tools for going digital

A high percentage of business processes still rely on email, spreadsheets, phone calls and even water cooler discussions. Yes, we all accept that digital applications...



TaaS Coming Your Way. The Government Says So.

During the 15 years that Voco has been working in technology enabled change, the market has seen some seismic... MORE

Major Shifts in Sourcing and Integrating ICT Services

For some time Voco has been seeing a sea change in sourcing and integrating ICT services from bundled... MORE

Is Bi-Modal IT your Enterprise's Next Big Thing?

Most organisations are finding that traditional practices for delivering IT projects and services are not... MORE

Horizontal Multi-Sourcing

We use the term “horizontal multi-sourcing” to reflect a new way of sourcing and using services from... MORE

New Zealand Government Software Procurement 2.0

The Minister’s dissatisfaction with ICT software procurement led MBIE to adopt a procurement approach... MORE

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