Why Apptio? Glad you asked!

In our last post, we announced that Voco has partnered with Apptio to make its cloud IT business management tools more available to New Zealand organisations. Its Technology Business Management (TBM) tool, together with Voco's extensive IT and commercial expertise, underpins our new Spend Comprehend solution.

Apptio is not, of course, the only TBM software vendor. So why did we choose Apptio?

The answer: for lots of reasons. Apptio was the pioneer of the best-practice discipline of TBM, and it can fairly be described as a market leader in helping IT teams make smart technology investment decisions in their digital transformation journey. As a cloud solution, its TBM software is easy to deploy and is built using standard cost models for fast deployments, so customers get value immediately. It uses machine learning to translate technology costs across the IT portfolio into a holistic IT service and business view. Apptio also has a global portfolio of customers, including in Australia and New Zealand, with great success stories about the value they have derived through implementing these tools.

In a nutshell, that’s why Apptio. Let’s now take a look at what the portfolio includes:

IT Financial Management: collaborative budgeting, forecasting, actual and variance analysis on IT costs to ensure that spend is going into the highest priority items.

Cost Transparency: clear visibility of spend, cost pools and what drives the cost of IT services. Communicate cost, cost of services and value to the business, and enable decisions to be made based on facts and insights.

Cloud Business Management: proactively manage public cloud consumption and cost. Move the dial by re-assigning workloads to optimize usage and minimise spend. Get your cloud bills to auto map into your cost model and against the services consuming the resources.

Vendor Insights: establish a view of your vendor portfolio and spend profiles. Get integrated visibility of contract, purchase order and invoices for products and services to understand and effectively manage your supplier contracts, commitments and spend

IT Planning: standardize, automate and simplify the budgeting and forecasting process. Model the financial impact of changes in operating model and financial spend assumptions. Accurately plan investments and project cost across the business and lifecycle.

IT Benchmarking: leverage Apptio’s standard cost and metric information to compare IT spend and identify opportunities to improve.

Business Insights: identify unused and underutilized resources through combined cost, capacity, utilisation and performance data.

Bill of IT: enable the billing and charge-back of IT costs based on business consumption.

My next blog will explore how Apptio can get you on the journey to optimising cost and delivering business value.

To discuss the topic further, please get in touch with the author, Vaughn Woods, on 021 996 685.


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