How automation took the pain out of our processes

Of all the advantages of our Modern Workplace solution, perhaps the one that attracts the most attention is automation. It’s an area we can talk about with some credibility because we’ve used Modern Workplace to automate many of our own processes, and we’ve seen the benefits.

Not that long ago our processes were like those of most businesses. They were essential, took us forever to create, and they were sometimes unwieldy and complicated. Not surprisingly we often used workarounds or skipped them altogether. 

Until last year, our processes for onboarding and off-boarding team members were just like that. We were an organisation of less than 30 with processes to match an organisation 20 times our size! There were multiple email approvals, spreadsheets to be updated and forms to be completed, all on different platforms and offering an inconsistent experience for the arriving or departing team member. 

We used the Modern Workplace toolkit to simplify the process. Now, anyone in our organisation is able to initiate the off-boarding or onboarding process.  Once form is submitted the appropriate HR Manager receives an approval request and then, once approved, pre-determined tasks are initiated and sent out to MS Planner so they can be managed and completed by the correct person.  

The progress can be managed in a central location in MS Teams, allowing us to view the status of the process real time.  The result: a consistent and complete process for everyone, without your team feeling like they need to break or re-invent the process to make it work. 

By Voco consultant Allie Breslin. To discuss using Modern Workplace automation in your organisation, call Dudley Harris on 021 585 515. 



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