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Voco’s Modern Workplace solution is all about getting the best out of Microsoft 365.

This approach is not theoretical. It’s based on the deep experience the Voco team itself has with MS 365. Part of that was our early adoption of one of its components, Microsoft Teams, an MS 365 component.  

Our goal at the time was to concentrate collaboration and communication in one shared and secure space. Teams did that for us very quickly, but we didn’t stop there. We now use Teams as the hub for all documentation and collaboration but also as the platform within which we access Microsoft applications like Power BI, PowerApps, Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow or MyAnalytics. 

Voco partner Dudley Harris oversaw the transition to Teams, and says it led to much better visibility into our consulting workflow. “I can go in to Microsoft Teams as a team owner, and see all teams we have in our organisation, use Power BI to pull all the relevant data for a team, click on a user and see all the teams they are in, and the people who have the latest access to those teams,” he explains.  

Dudley says there are benefits in plenty of other areas, too. Onboarding staff, previously a tedious process costing up to $1000 each time, has been automated using Power Apps and Flow. It now takes a few minutes and costs us nothing.  

Overall, business process automation saves us up to 20 percent of our time and 80 percent of our IT costs.  

We think benefits of this order are well within reach for many organisations. If you think you could get more out of your MS 365 tenant, you’re probably right. Talk to us now about Modern Workplace 

 Read Microsoft’s case study about Voco’s experience with Teams. 

To discuss using Modern Workplace automation in your organisation, call Dudley Harris on 021 585 515. 



Voco is now a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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