How a modern workplace helped Liz close a big deal

In last week's blog we talked about the changes to business processes that tap the automation, analytical and security capabilities of the modern workplace and transform the way we work and interact.

The modern workplace leverages Microsoft Teams as an integration point for Microsoft Office applications, data and communications. The result: easy, fast and contextual communications, internally and externally.

An example: Liz works for an industrial refrigeration engineering company and has been working on a sale for months. It is to a high-profile prospect which has a problem it believes Liz’s company can resolve. If the sale closes, it will take Liz’s company to the next level.

Liz knows that giving the customer direct access to her refrigeration specialists will be the best demonstration of her organisation’s capabilities and responsiveness. She offers to give the customer real-time access to them.

How? With a modern workplace, it’s remarkably easy.

A dedicated team is created in Microsoft Teams and the customer is included in that team. Liz’s specialists, no matter where in the world they are located, can respond directly to queries from the customer in chat mode and build rapport with its team.

If further explanation is required, the specialists can start a voice call or share their screen.  They can also post documents for review without the documents ever leaving their control. All exchanges are recorded so the customer can easily go back at any time and check past discussions.

It’s light years away from trolling through email chains to find disjointed conversations and documents. And it can all be done without the customer having to install Teams.

Yes, of course Liz won the contract. Her ability to pragmatically prove her company’s capabilities directly to the customer helped swing the deal. That’s an example of how a modern workplace can demonstrate and deliver value far better than any brochure can.

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