How I lost my phone, and why it didn’t matter

Mobile phones and I have been going steady for more than 20 years, through changes in jobs, companies and countries. Over that time there have been broken screens, inadvertent dunkings in water, and contacts lost due to insufficient backups. Until last week, however, I’d never lost a phone.

You can imagine, then, the panic I felt when it dawned on me that my beloved iPhone had fallen out of my handbag on my afternoon bus commute homeI could follow my phone along the route of the number 25 using the Find my iPhone app but, apart from chasing the bus on foot, there was no way I was getting it back in a hurry. 

The good news is that the Voco team uses our Modern Workplace solution, which means I could log onto our company portal as soon as I got home and remotely reset my deviceThat kept both my personal and company data safe, without calling a help desk or a line managerThen, more good news: I found an old iPhone at the bottom of a drawer. 

I logged onto my Apple account on the old phone, which automatically downloaded Voco’s company portal app.  After authentication, Modern Workplace installed all the other Voco company apps A new SIM card from the Vodafone store activated my phone number and I was up and running again. Email, calendar, chat, files, the lot. The whole process took less than 20 minutes. 

Thankfully, a good Samaritan handed my iPhone in to the bus company and it was returned to me a couple of days later. After a clean with some disinfectant wipes (you never know) I easily repeated the process to reinstall all the company apps, and the phone and I were back in business. My takeaway: Modern Workplace won’t stop you losing your phone, but it’s the fast and painless fix when you do. 


By Voco consultant Allie Breslin. To discuss Modern Workplace further, call Dudley Harris on 021 585 515. 


Voco is now a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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