Why Modern Workspace is a service

It’s always the same question. When we tell people that Voco has been helping customers get the best out of their enterprise devices using a Microsoft 365-based solution we’re calling Modern Workspace, they ask: Why don’t your customers just buy MS 365 and do it themselves?

It’s a reasonable question. Many of the security, automation and analytical tools that Modern Workspace harnesses to such dramatic effect are, after all, found within MS 365. 

For a small business with limited needs, a do-it-yourself approach can make sense. In our experience, however, the bigger and more complex the customer, the more important those tools become, and the more challenging they are to successfully deploy. 

Modern Workspace is more than the sum of its parts.  The value is not in the components but their orchestration, delivery and, most importantly, their application to your business.   

For Voco, delivering this value is based on three principles: automation, standardisation and continual improvement. 

Automation:  With Modern Workspace, we automate a remarkably wide range of processes.  Automation speeds up delivery, removes management overhead, and reduces errors and cost.   

Standardisation:  When we develop Modern Workspace solutions, we look for the best tools and the most effective processes.  Standardisation is about constantly improving the way we deliver, and then consistently delivering the same experience every time. 

Continual Improvement:  We apply a lens of continual improvement to every aspect of the delivery.  The primary purpose is efficiency.  Efficiency delivers quality and speed, while reducing cost. 

These things require skills and knowledge that few businesses have in-house. And that’s where Modern Workspace becomes relevant. Voco has the runs on the board when it comes to automating, standardising and continually improving IT environments. Navigating you through to a place where your technology serves the business, rather than the business feeding the technology, is what we’re about.  

When these MS 365 smarts are applied to your organisation, every new hire gets exactly the same automated onboarding experience, at any time you can see that your environment is secure, your licences are dynamically managed, and your staff can easily request new services through simple portals.   

The focus shifts away from the technology. Your device becomes something that just does what you need it to do, when you need it to do it.  In a powerful but indirect way Modern Workspace unobtrusively and transparently works with you, while you get on with business. 

To discuss the topic further, please get in touch with the author, Dudley Harris, on 021 585 515.


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