How a mother's wisdom makes Voco stronger.

Today is International Women’s Day, and the Voco crew has got something to say about it. We’re not going to blow our own trumpet and tell you how great we are as an equal opportunity employer. Nor will we make grand statements about equality in a traditionally male dominated industry. Instead, let us just tell you about the difference women make in our company.

We are fortunate to have a woman as one of our two managing partners.  The fearless Julia Dol not only brings a depth of commercial and industry wisdom, but what we reckon is the greater wisdom of a working mother.  Smile at this, sure, but consider the perspectives born out of the stress, the pain, the lovejoys and discipline of being a fulltime working mum.  A life experience that the blokes just don’t have.  

Since Julia joined, we have seen greater structure, organisation and dare I say discipline in our practice.  Much of it can be traced back to the passion Julia has for her family. And to the contributions of other women in the team. 

These contributions shape our culture.  At Voco we are a family. As a team we may debate the issues but the discussion is always informed by the perspectives of both men and women.  This can be a female colleague picking up on a non-verbal cue that the chaps have completely missed.  Or an angle on a solution that never occurred to the men. Whatever the contribution, it inevitably makes our thinking more robust and our organisation more balanced.  

That balance feeds into stability. We have fewer wobbles, more forward movement and more centredness. It’s a strength for the Voco team and an asset for our clients, male and female alike.  

Happy International Women’s Day! 

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