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A high percentage of business processes still rely on email, spreadsheets, phone calls and even water cooler discussions. Yes, we all accept that digital applications are the way forward to encapsulate and codify key business processes but how many of those processes have made the leap? Thirty percent, maybe 40 percent?

There have been good reasons for this sluggish uptake. Deploying or upgrading core applications has been expensive and time-consuming, so only the most important business processes are typically codified into core applications. There’s been a history, too, of organisational disruption as a result of organisation wide workflows.

Here’s the good news: we now have the tools to pick off business processes one by one and rapidly digitalise them, while retaining agility.

The first tool is the Microsoft Power Platform and its associated data services.

Power Platform is something Voco knows well. We used it recently to develop an app for a client in just weeks. The new app encapsulated all 10 steps of the client’s procurement process, giving staff a simple and intuitive single interface to enter data and guide them through the process. Data is securely retained in the cloud, automation takes away the rudimentary tasks and provides approvals as required, and key stakeholders have access to dashboards that provide a wealth of information.

In the new process, everything is resilient, there are no servers anywhere, and changes can be made in minutes. The app went through three major iterations with users providing input as they used it. The benefits to the organisation are immense, while the ongoing costs are low because it is using licenses it already had. Support for the app is a fraction of typical application support costs as Microsoft provides the platform and keeps it evergreen.

If those rapid gains sound like something your organisation would welcome, let’s talk.  

By Voco partner Dudley Harris. Call Dudley on 021 585 515. 


Voco is now a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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