Voco is introducing a free app "R U OK?" to help you look after your staff during the COVID-19 lockdown

The team at Voco have created an app that will help you stay in touch with your team and look out for them throughout the lockdown. A simple daily questionnaire can be sent to your team checking on their well being and the others in their bubble.

R U OK helps you look after your teamIt collects daily responses from your people and lets you know how they are faring.

Using your secured Azure AD and Microsoft 365 environment, R U OK delivers a short and simple questionnaire to your team through some user familiar applications such as Outlook emails, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Form and Power BI. The process is simple and effective. R U OK automatically:

  1. Checks in with your team daily
  2. Reports on responses
  3. Flags team members you should reach out to

We want to know how people are doing physically and mentally,  in relation to both their family and work.

The app sends a simple set of questions daily using technology they are already using, ensuring a high participation rate.  No training or learning required. The responses are then collated and reported to the nominated People Managers. Key areas of concern are flagged for immediate follow-up and trends in your team over time are reported.

The app is free for you to use and to deploy.  Voco will provide up to 2 hours technical support (that should be ample) to get you up and running.

Contact us today at for more information and assistance to deploy the app to your organisation.

Download R U OK brochure.



Voco is now a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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