SharePoint without the Stress

At Voco, we’re fans of Microsoft Teams. It’s a good example of a technology that improves our business and that of our clients, so much so that it’s at heart of our Managed Workplace offering.

In a nutshell, MS Teams is a collaboration tool based in SharePoint — but SharePoint with a difference! You’ve no doubt experienced a disorganised sprawl of documents in a SharePoint site and never being able to find anything. Well, MS has solved that challenge by using template control to maintain structure and to prevent information sprawl.  You can even lock down permissions so only a distinct group of users can create or view teams or channels. 

For us, one of the main benefits has been knowing where information is stored. We no longer need to search through emails, text messages, Outlook appointments or messy SharePoint sites. All our collaboration and communication is in one shared space.  We can instant message colleagues and clients or use a specific team as a forum for documented conversations with an individual or a group. All of this is in conjunction with being able to file share securely.  We’ve also ditched our previous cloudbased remote conferencing provider in favour of voice and video calls via MS Teams. We can also record these meetings so that those unable to attend can listen back at a later date. 

Many organisations using the Microsoft suite of applications don’t realise that their people already have access to Teams.  It’s part of the standard suite of applications, which means you can work together better and save money. 

For us the magic happens when we’re effectively collaborating with each other, our clients and our business partners. Our aim is to help you do the same and, for that, Voco Modern Workplace is where you start. 

By Voco consultant Allie Breslin. To discuss using MS Teams in your organisation, call Dudley Harris on 021 585 515. 


Voco is now a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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