Different spaces but the same environment: the power of certainty

The Voco team has been using Modern Workplace for over a year. If you asked me now what its major benefit has been, I’d say it is certainty. We know that our data is secure and that we have access to our systems and applications no matter where we are or what device we’re using.

We are consultants; we’re never in our own offices for long.  Our days are a mix of working from multiple client sites, squeezing in some work while in transit, working from cafes and from home.   Modern Workplace has allowed us the certainty of the same user experience for our people whether they’re using a guest network, hot-spotting or using wifi in a Voco office 

By empowering our people to manage their own devices we no longer tie up our helpdesk with simple tasks like password resets, setting up new phones, or remote locking or wiping of missing devices.  We do these thingourselves via the company SharePoint site. 

Unexpected technical issues with your assigned device? No problem.  Using Windows Autopilot we are able to rebuild personal profile on another machine within 30 minutes. Invaluable to any team of busy people.  

On top of that, we’re managing our devices better, have improved our security and are now collaborating more fully, using tools we already had access to. 

Voco’s Modern Workplace solution is a game changer for us and it can be for your organisation too, regardless of how big or small you are. Talk to us about how we can help your team achieve certainty and efficiency without the IT barriers that trip up many businesses. 

By Voco consultant Allie Breslin. To discuss Modern Workplace further, call Dudley Harris on 021 585 515. 


Voco is now a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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