How not to move to a modern workspace service

Moving to a cloud-based modern workspace service can seem like a big step, but not in the way you might think.

If you were to move your workspace and company data as they are today, you’d be making a big mistake.   

Technically the move to cloud services is a well-trodden path and, while it does come with some risks, these are known and mitigated.  The real value comes in standing back and looking at how your organisation interacts and the processes that deliver your business outcomes.   

A modern workspace service is a vehicle through which interactions can be contextualised and processes automated.  If they’re not updated to take advantage of modern workspace tools such as Microsoft Teams, many of the benefits of MS 365 are left on the table.  

Nor is this a one-time change.  The new processes and workflows inspired by the potential of the modern workspace are iterative activities that, over time, lead to constant improvement.  

Here’s the take-away: the real risk is not in taking the step to a modern workspace service, but in not making the most of that step.  Simply moving to the “cloud” without changing your underlying business processes is a little like buying a new smartphone and, instead of using the internet banking app, you keep queuing up at the branch to cash a cheque.   

Next week, we’ll look at examples of these updated processes and workflows.   

To discuss the topic further, please get in touch with the author, Dudley Harris, on 021 585 515. 


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