Voco Modern Workspace: we like it because we use it.

We’ve had a lot to say lately about Voco Modern Workspace. Yes, that’s because we’re enthusiastic about its potential to transform the way our customers work. But it’s also because we use it ourselves, every day, and we know from personal experience that it’s much, much more than just a Windows 10 upgrade!

Ever wondered how you can enable flexible working, collaborate more, share information in the one place and work anywhere, anytime, while retaining full control of your devices and security? That’s what Modern Workplace does for us, and can do for you.

We started our journey with the Microsoft Desktop Analytics tool in Azure. If you do the same, it will help you understand where you are ready to adopt Modern Workspace. The tool uses discovery and Microsoft’s global data to lift the lid on your application readiness and device readiness, leveraging the power of others that have already adopted Modern Workspace. Combine this with Voco Modern Workspace’s current state analysis smarts that look at your environment as a whole and includes infrastructure and O365 readiness analysis. Add the power of PowerBI and you can easily summarise the data to get a concise picture of your environment, which can then help define your deployment plan.

Modern Workspace should be seen as an opportunity to enable people to work collaboratively and be more productive. At Voco, email is no longer our application of choice for communicating and sharing information with each other and with clients. We use Microsoft Teams to collaborate, share documents and chat with each other, all in a highly secure environment. We control who gets access to what, when and even in which countries. And we do all this without owning a single server.

Will it work for you? The best way to find out it is to book in for a session in our Modern Workspace lab. It’ll show you exactly what to expect.

By Voco consultant Brendan Renall. To discuss Modern Workspace further, call Brendan on 021 196 6268.


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