Who We Are

Voco exists to help New Zealand companies compete strongly in the digital economy.

Simply put, we help large organisations solve difficult business problems. Technology-based issues are often the starting point, but because technology is so inseparable from all aspects of business today, it's accurate to say we're business consultants.

We not only find solutions, we implement them. This makes us different from our key competitors. Our senior partners have the strategic skills to work out what needs to be done, and our team of specialists have the expertise to do it. Our clients don't just get the report, they get the results.
Voco's culture values freedom of action, approach and speech over constraint. We are completely independent and don't sell or endorse any product or service. Even the way we work is a celebration of our contempt for constraint. We pride ourselves on being a company without walls – we have no physical premises – and we bring that open-minded approach to the way we work and the change issues we tackle.

Voco People

Our people are free thinkers. They:

  • are commited to change
  • are genuinely curious.
  • make connections between ideas that others won’t
  • pride themselves on being unrestricted and unencumbered
  • are drawn to each other because they enjoy what exciting thinking generates
  • are prepared to work in unorthodox arrangements; and they
  • are flexible, innovative and free-wheeling
  • place a strong emphasis on intellect and the power of the mind over tradition and the rigidity of process

If that sounds like you, and you have these skills, then we’d love to hear from you.

Email matt.travell@voco.co.nz

What we do

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