Consumption Services (XaaS)

We believe that reshaping your operating model around consumption services will provide the means to boost your organisation’s agility, refocus your spend, and radically improve your access to capability. But to fully reap the benefits of a world where almost anything can be bought ‘as a Service’ you need to change your operating model. The short video below illustrates this mindset and behaviour shift in an analogy that all car owners will relate to. Take a look.


The Four Planks that Underpin the Transition

There are four major planks that underpin the successful planning and execution of a shift to as-a-Service:

  1. Take a holistic approach to building the case for change and managing the financial implications – especially the shift from capex to opex.
  2. Build a new operating model and prepare to make the organisational changes required to reap the benefits of consumption based services
  3. Look critically at how you can challenge requirements to align to catalogued services, and select services and providers that enable future agility and customer focus.
  4. Select the right services and suppliers from what can be a confusing set of options and permutations.


A Process for Managing the Shift

For most companies, moving strategically to as-a-Service
 (as opposed to replacing products one at a time as needed)
 is uncharted territory. While there is a playbook in the form of the services catalogues, the actual transition is a journey that does not come with a detailed map.

Voco has developed a methodology built around the four planks. It iterates each in differing levels of detail relevant to the decisions being made. The methodology provides a process for managing the shift through the Discovery, Readiness, Procurement and Transition phases and on to benefit realisation and measurement.


Learn More about the Shift to As-a-Service

If you haven’t had a chance to read our two-part ebook on moving to as-a-Service and you are unsure what making this shift would mean for your organisation, take a look at Part One here:  Boost your Agility, Capability and Cost Effectiveness – Travel Advice for your Journey into as-a-Service. The material is written with senior business leaders in mind. It explores why reshaping your operating model around as-a-Service is worth the effort and offers practical, executable advice on how to make the transition.

Please call us if you’d like to discuss this topic further. Voco has a rare level of (independent) insight into the New Zealand supplier market and can give you a frank assessment of the challenges and opportunities. From time to time we’ve been asked to run workshops for organisations focusing on how to build the business case and make the transition to as-a-Service smoothly. If this would be of interest to you, please get in touch.


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