Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS)

Government has organised its $500m p.a. demand pool around a deliberate push to consume telecommunications capability as-a-Service and shift asset management and decision rights to service providers. This is a cross public sector programme called 'Telecommunications as a Service' or TaaS. It is driving the service provider market to inter-operate and commoditise.

For the agencies being invited to make this change, TaaS represents a larger opportunity to embrace not just Telecommunications as a Service, but consumption as a Service. A well planned, carefully executed and comprehensive shift to this new way of operating can reap significant rewards for agencies, chiefly in the areas of cost and agility.

Voco has been appointed to the All of Government consultancy panel (AoG). This means government agencies can fastrack access to our expertise in the areas of Assurance, and Procurement and Logistics. We have developed specific collateral to assist organisations moving to adopt TaaS.

It’s pleasing that the Government is looking at sourcing in new ways. There are huge benefits on offer, and helping organisations realise them is one of the most satisfying parts of what we do.

As further background on the topic of Consumption Services, download our ebook for business leaders here: Boost your Agility, Capability and Cost Effectiveness – Travel Advice for your Journey into as-a-Service.


AoG Sub Categories

  • Assurance
  • Audit
  • Procurement and Logistics

Read more on the Government’s commitment to TaaS.


More About Voco

Voco was established in 2001. We run a ‘virtual office,’ meaning we have no physical premises. Your fees are spent on your outcomes, not our lavish overheads. We are completely independent and don’t sell or endorse any product or service.

Voco’s six-strong Executive team make up a board that is chaired by an Independent Director. The Executive team all work full-time in the business and are senior, experienced C-Suite executives.

Voco has a core team of 14 senior consultants and a large pool of proven talent ‘on tap’ to apply to our clients’ change challenges. We are usually able to provide consultant resources within 10 business days in our specialist areas. 


Track Record

We have in-depth knowledge of the commercial, technical and regulatory aspects of the industry and are intimately acquainted with New Zealand’s ICT supplier community capability, behind the hype. Most importantly, we are skilled at helping our clients realise latent opportunities for business benefits and have a reputation as a safe pair of hands during times of change.


Get in Touch

Voco has a rare level of (independent) insight into the New Zealand supplier market and can give you a frank assessment of the challenges and opportunities around TaaS. From time to time we’ve been asked to run workshops for organisations focusing on how to build the business case and make the transition smoothly. If this would be of interest to you, please get in touch.


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