“Voco contributed current market knowledge to the commercial process and maintained a focus on the cost vs. benefit of a protracted contracting process, helping Beca to navigate and improve a complex set of agreements.”

Beca Telecommunications Refresh

Beca asked Voco back to help the company refresh its telecommunications strategy to achieve greater capacity and find cost efficiencies, as key contracts came up for renewal.

Beca is an Auckland-based engineering consultancy providing professional services to a range of industries including aviation, energy, construction, marine and transport. The company has almost 3,000 employees in 19 offices throughout Asia-Pacific and around the world.

Business Challenge

Beca asked Voco to revisit the telecommunications strategy they had developed together three years earlier with a view to realising further cost efficiencies and increasing capacity to support the company’s growth. As key contracts were coming up for renewal Beca was aiming to align changes to business imperatives and challenges, including signficant growth in Asia, with the ICT services the company received. In particular, Beca was experiencing a steep increase in network capacity demands and exposure to IT security threats.


Voco recommended some parts of the service that were running smoothly and cost-effectively do not go to tender. Other areas where there were opportunities to increase cost efficiencies without major disruption to the business were taken to tender, such as internet and security services.

Voco assisted with the tender and supplier evaluation process, and subsequently worked with Beca and its preferred supplier through a five-month contract negotiation process.


  • Updated Beca’s telecommunications network reference architecture.
  • Developed the sourcing strategy to deliver a refresh of that architecture, including a step change in security capabilities.
  • Pulled together the Rft for the components for which competitive offers were sought.
  • Ran the tender and evaluation process, provided the evaluation framework and process supported the Beca evaluation teams.
  • Co-ordinated the commercial negotiation with the selected supplier and contributed current market knowledge to the commercial process ( pricing and terms )
  • Provided project management and guidance over the design and roll-out of the resulting network and security upgrades.

An unexpected challenge for Beca was keeping sufficient credible suppliers engaged in the tender. Two key local suppliers withdrew during the process. A number of suppliers remained, however, including encumbent AT&T, who ultimately provided the most cost-effective solution for internet and security services.


Beca was seeking a considerable step forward with internet services and security. The company’s single access point in Melbourne was augmented with a pair in Auckland and a fourth point in Singapore. Overall, Beca’s spend on internet and security services is similar but it has much greater capacity – (raw capacity has more than tripled) – flexibility and resilience.


Beca wanted to refresh their ICT strategy to support the company's growth. Voco provided architecture, sourcing strategy, management of the tender and supplier evaluation process, negotiation, and guidance on the roll-out of upgrades. Voco helped Beca realise greater cost efficiencies, including significantly increased internet security and a tripling of raw internet capacity for similar cost.



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