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Customer journey mapping sits at the heart of Digital Transformation by equipping enterprises to take a comprehensive rather than ad hoc or piecemeal approach to change. A journey map is the critical first step in the process of converting a current state to a future state that promises an enhanced customer (or stakeholder) experience.

Journey mapping is both a science and an art. We’ve seen, time and again, the process provide ‘aha’ moments for our enterprise clients as the journey map reveals gaps between the customer’s expectations and their actual experience. But that’s only half the job done. The next step is to overlay digital technologies such as cloud services, data analytics or the Internet of Things, and to identify possibilities to close the gaps for the customer and enhance the experience. These opportunities for gain then inform a roadmap for digital transformation by helping the business identify which technologies to embrace and what changes are needed to the operating model.

We’ve seen, time and again, the process provide ‘aha’ moments for our enterprise clients.

Voco’s unique journey mapping methodology provides the enterprise with an analysis of the gaps in customer experience across the entire value chain. We translate those gaps into opportunities that will deliver measurable value, agree on a target state for each, then design an actionable 90-day programme that delivers tactical quick wins within the first month.

The key to the effectiveness of the methodology resides in its design. It creates a clear line of sight between the newly identified competitive advantage on offer and the technological response required to realise it.

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