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Many of our enterprise clients approach us because they are frustrated with a lack of progress toward improved ICT effectiveness and efficiency. They can see the vast number of exciting, new (often cloud-based) technologies available in the market but are unsure how to make the transition without risk or disruption to their business. Voco’s knowledge of the ICT market means we can show you the way to cost savings and operating efficiencies through smart sourcing strategies and operating model changes.

ICT sourcing done well is much more valuable than 20% off your bottom line.

In a recent engagement a client was aware that their $30m pa spend was inefficient. We were able to provide a 3-5 year plan to cut 20% off their bottom line. We showed them how they could redirect the balance of that spend to lift capability and accelerate the realisation of their digital aspirations.

ICT sourcing done well is much more valuable than 10-20% off your bottom line, although that is a welcome outcome. It enables the enterprise to transform and win through technology. Voco has spent 15 years completing large scale, complex sourcing negotiations for New Zealand enterprises that have generated both immediate and longterm, sustainable gains in agility, capability and cost-effectiveness.

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    Major Shifts in Sourcing and Integrating ICT Services


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