Digitalisation and automating of business processes with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform in your organisation 

No-code/low-code is the future for many organisations and businesses.  A constantly changing business environment and ever evolving business requirements, mean the requirement for truly continuous development, delivery, integration, and deployment is more essential than ever before.

If you are using Microsoft 365, you are already well equipped to start digitalisation and automating business processes with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. Voco has a deep understanding and experience in ascertaining how business processes can be improved by wrapping the right tools around them. We focus on the business outcomes, not the technology.

The ability to accelerate the delivery of new applications via the Power Platform for many is the biggest advantage of utilising no-code/low-code development. Voco has helped many businesses transform business processes in this way, allowing for a more consistent user experience and a greater adherence to process methodology.

Some example of applications and processes are:

  • Policy Application – A central repository for keeping track of internal policies and the acceptance of the policies by staff.
  • Onboarding and off-boarding – Allows for a consistent and quick process for all those involved.
  • Contracts Application  – A contracts application that digitises the contracts process. Our work with NZTA is featured in this article.
  • R U OK Application – A health and well being application developed for use during the COVID response. More information is available here



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