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We often work with business and ICT stakeholders who can’t sleep at night because their projects are not progressing as planned. Large, complex projects have a tendency to grow more difficult to steer over time and business or project leaders can lose faith that a programme will deliver the desired outcome. If the project is not progressing on time or on budget, this loss of faith is compounded.

It really helps to have an independent perspective from experts who are senior enough to have ‘seen it all’. We are effective change agents who bring bold thinking to tricky challenges. We’re good at making hard calls and getting stakeholders on side so that they own the solutions.

We are effective change agents who bring bold thinking to tricky challenges.

In a recent engagement a client asked us to help migrate their key business systems to a private cloud provider. Voco formed and managed a team made up of people from more than 10 organisations. This approach meant we were able to complete the work to complete the migration without disruption to the business and before the expiry of existing hosting services, saving the client the $400,000 cost of extending those services.

Often our clients projects are nowhere near ‘off the rails’ status, but there’s a realisation that the enterprise is lacking the resources inhouse to see the programme through to a successful conclusion. Voco brings confidence and renewed momentum; in delivery, in decisions made and in the way forward.

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