Get the most out of vendors with a win-win approach

Companies that are serious about harnessing the benefits of the cloud environment can achieve exceptional results with a little help from their friends. Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) is not negotiating the lowest price possible, and it’s more than operational contract management or having governance meetings with the vendor. It means getting the vendor working with and on behalf of the business to add value over the long term.

When the client/vendor relationship is operating at peak performance you can expect (and enjoy) a partner that is focused on your business optimisation and proactively looking for ways to improve outcomes for you. Best practice in this area incentivises the vendor to go beyond the contract and explore ways to accelerate their client’s success in the marketplace, whether that be through efficiency gains, bringing new ideas to the table or surfacing and trying out new tecnologies on your behalf.

You can expect a partner that is focused on your business optimisation.

Voco can help you create a Vendor Management Plan that is primed for success. The key to establishing and maintaining the relationship at peak performance lies in ensuring agreements mutually benefit both companies.

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    • Supplier Value Optimisation
    • Category Management
    • Governance

    Strategies to Maximise Value from Your Vendors


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