Unleash the full potential of MS 365 in your organisation

Voco Modern Workspace is your key to workplace productivity. It unleashes the potential of MS 365’s collaboration, security, automation and analytical capabilities to catalyse the new business processes that will underpin your success.

Armed with deep skills and experience in both deploying and using MS 365, the Voco team will navigate your organisation away from wrestling with office technology to a place where the technology fuels the business’ progress. Voco Modern Workspace goes beyond IT support services; it harnesses MS 365’s automation tools to replace numerous manual support functions and it iterates constantly to create new opportunities for improvement.

Voco Modern Workspace is how you get the journey to a cloud-based workspace right.

…navigate your organisation to a place where the technology fuels the business’ success.


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  • Modern Workspace readiness & maturity assessment.
  • Migration to a full Modern Workspace.
  • Analytics reports.

Why Modern Workspace is a service


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