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As-a-Service: Are you Missing the Big Prize?

The real potential of the as-a-Service model is increased agility, speed of change, and responsiveness.

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Strategies to Maximise Value from Your Vendors

Applying as-a-Service or other consumption models to any business can be tricky...

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Two Ways to Find out how Ready you are for the Future

There are two ways to work out how ready your organisation is to make the shift to cloud-based consumption services.

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Part Two: Boost your Agility, Capability and Cost-Effectiveness

Free ebook on how to shape your organisation around as-a-Service.

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Digital Strategy: When Resisting the Rush Makes Sense

By 2020 Gartner predicts there will be 25 billion “things” connected to, and by, the internet.

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Is Your Business Planning Being Derailed by Short-Termism?

New Zealand businesses aren’t great at long term strategic planning...

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Voco provides thoughtful guidance and practical help with demanding business challenges. Let us share the load and you'll achieve results you can measure and benefits that endure.

"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change."

Charles Darwin



How can you adapt to the new supplier model and maximise value from your vendors?

With a shift to as-a-Service, there’s more opportunity than ever before... MORE

As-a-Service: Are you Missing the Big Prize?

If we look at the biggest disruptors in the past few years, such as AirBnB... MORE

Strategies to Maximise Value from Your Vendors

When we talk vendor management we don’t mean negotiating the lowest... MORE



Contact asked Voco to help outsource and negotiate agreements that would see the company's 1,115 staff... MORE


Westpac engaged Voco to review its telecommunications sourcing strategy to reflect changes to business... MORE


Beca asked Voco back to help the company refresh its telecommunications strategy to achieve greater capacity... MORE