Clearer strategy, stronger IT

When a key healthcare client needed to strengthen its clinical IT, they chose Voco for its extensive experience in strategy and roadmap development.
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The challenge

The clinical workforce needed strong tech with secure access to patient records and hospital IT, both on-site and during off-site 'pop-up' clinics. Any new tech also had to integrate seamlessly with their legacy IT systems. 

The client had been struggling with outdated IT roadmaps and a lack of alignment with clinical strategies, making it hard to prioritise IT improvement requests. It needed a partner who not only had strategic expertise, but a deep understanding of the healthcare sector.

We took a pragmatic, process-driven and collaborative approach to building strategies and roadmaps.
Jamie Smith

Senior Manager, Voco

The solution

With Voco’s help, the client was able to prioritise IT improvements by: 

  • clarifying their IT goals 

  • crafting concise clinical strategies and IT Roadmaps, making it easier for the client's teams to understand and communicate their goals

  • testing IT Initiatives to minimise the risk of setbacks 

  • integrating clinical IT roadmaps with the client's enterprise IT roadmap, ensuring that all IT initiatives were aligned with the overarching business strategy.

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The results

Working with Voco helped the client articulate and plan clinical IT improvements. Importantly, the client was able to link funding requests directly to strategy and allocate resource for IT initiatives.  

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