Welcome to Voco. Consulting done differently.

We're a team of passionate, experienced consultants who love to help businesses simplify the complex and deliver exceptional results.
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We're a bit different (in a good way!)

Voco’s approach to consultancy is an oasis in a desert of sameness. We’re here to drive positive change for your business and your people. We’ll help you navigate the twists, turns and idiosyncrasies of your projects, and make the journey a little bit smoother. We'll tap into your team's hidden talents, encourage collaboration, and infuse excitement into every piece of work we’re involved with.
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Our business consulting services 
transform businesses and support 
critical decision-making.

Our services

We design and build nimble business applications that automate your processes and allow you to run your business more accurately and efficiently.
Lock in your business transformation programme success with our team of experienced transformation specialists.
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We specialise in pragmatic technology architecture that simplifies your business processes and streamlines your operating model.
Security done differently. We combine smart, automated, AI-driven tools with business consulting acumen to provide more effective security solutions.
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We bring a strategic approach to sourcing, starting with understanding your business strategy and operating model to determine where efficiency opportunities lie.
With a team of seasoned experts, we provide large scale programme and project management you can trust.

Our people can be your biggest asset

Our team is match fit and ready to hit the ground running, no matter how complex the project. Our world class consultants are some of the smartest, most pragmatic, experienced, down-to-earth professionals you'll ever meet...
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We don’t just do,
 we teach.

Voco goes above and beyond by equipping businesses with the tools and knowledge to navigate complexity on their own.

Case studies

Apps & Transformation

From Lotus Notes to a modern Microsoft ecosystem

In 2023, we led a Health New Zealand - Te Whatu Ora and Pacific Health Funding - project to replace Lotus Notes with a modern Microsoft ecosystem.
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Clearer strategy, stronger IT

When a key healthcare client needed to strengthen its clinical IT, they chose Voco for its extensive experience in strategy and roadmap development.

Some of our wonderful clients

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