Goodbye email requests, hello app

In the early days of New Zealand's COVID-19 response, the Ministry of Health faced a formidable challenge: managing a flood of requests for proof of vaccination.
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The challenge

Proof of vaccination was essential to employment and accessing services, and what began as a trickle of email requests from Kiwis seeking proof soon turned into thousands. 

The Ministry of Health needed an agile digital solution that could: 

  • eliminate errors from manual data entry 

  • speed up vaccination letter processing 

  • respond swiftly to privacy requests. 

The Ministry knew that swift responses were crucial, and they needed a scalable, secure solution.

The solution

Working as a team, the Ministry and Voco created a self-service portal using the Microsoft Power Platform, featuring: 

  • API integrations for data verification and automated letter generation

  • a user-friendly single-page interface for efficient request processing

  • automatic notifications for issue identification. 

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The results

The Ministry drastically improved its ability to handle proof of vaccination requests. During the portal's operation, 364,000 vaccination letters were automatically generated, a massive time saving compared to the previous 10-minute manual processing per letter.

For the Ministry, this solution:

  • reduced people requirements

  • mitigated 'key person risk'

  • offered an audit trail

  • provided valuable insights through reporting.

And for New Zealanders, the solution:

  • streamlined the request process

  • offered guidance on data issues

  • delivered letters quickly

  • prioritised time-sensitive requests.

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