Making claims a breeze

The Ministry of Health had a goal to vaccinate 80% of frontline workers against the flu but needed a fast and simple process to reimburse costs to healthcare employers.
A pharmacist looking at medication

The challenge

The Influenza Reimbursement Scheme, now managed by Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand, reimburses healthcare employers — like GPs and pharmacies — for the cost of vaccinating their staff.

The problem was a slow and outdated email-based process that didn't capture data consistently or offer the Ministry and employers the ability track claims in real-time. 

Before switching to the app, claims could take up to six months to process.

The solution

Together with the Ministry, Voco created a self-service portal using the Microsoft Power Platform that allowed:

  • employers to make multiple claims in a single session and the ability to track the progress of their claims

  • the Ministry to see real-time and historical reporting on claims made – by region and by employer type.  

    A woman stands next to her laptop in an office

The results

For the Ministry:

  • claims could be processed easily and efficiently

  • the app captured real-time claims data

  • data could be used to achieve their 80% vaccinated goal by targeting their campaign at those regions and employers with lower uptake.   

For healthcare employers:

  • the reimbursement process was streamlined and transparent

  • reimbursements were timely.

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