Separating 22 years of ERP

After Vodafone Group sold Vodafone NZ to a Canadian and New Zealand joint venture, Vodafone NZ needed to quickly separate from the Group's complex enterprise systems.

The challenge

Vodafone had to unwind 22 years of technology woven into their business processes, shared services, and systems. At the same time, it was a chance for Vodafone to streamline their operations and introduce standardised cloud applications.

They needed an organisation experienced in programme management and a clear understanding of their business. They turned to Voco who had managed Vodafone's previous sale transitions and had the capability to handle large, complex projects.

Vodafone's ERP transformation modernised the business and offered significant cost savings.

The solution

Vodafone NZ’s new ERP leveraged SAP cloud apps, such as Success Factors, Concur, and S4Hana, which were seamlessly integrated with legacy systems.

Voco also relocated finance, procurement, and supply chain services from shared services in India back to New Zealand. 

An IT worker sitting in open plan office with tablet in his hands

The results

The results were impressive. By expediting the transition from Vodafone Group ERP and shared services, Vodafone NZ (now One NZ) was able to:

  • future-proof its ERP platform with simplified architecture that delivered substantial business improvements

  • implement its new processes and systems ahead of schedule

  • reduce annual ERP expenses by 20-25%.  

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